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"Help! I've never face painted before!"
Need a little help getting started face painting? Been asked to face paint at your church or school event and you just don't know where to begin? You're in luck! I've been face painting professionally for 19 years and love helping others learn how too. I have heard this question so many times, that I have compiled many resources and supplies just for people like you. Read on for some recommended supplies, books, and even some free face painting instructions and resources below to get started!
Suggestions for Choosing Supplies


A few things to consider when shopping for paint:
• Safety should be your TOP deciding factor, not price.
Stay away from cheap craft store paints made in China.
• Never, EVER use craft paints or acrylic paints on skin! Here's why. "Non-Toxic" does NOT mean safe for use on skin!
• Use only professional makeup that is FDA approved for use on skin. (Kryolan, Wolfe, TAG, Paradise, Snazaroo, etc...)

For someone starting out or just doing a small event here and there, I would recommend a multi-color palette. These sets enable you to try a variety of colors without spending a fortune. When you run out of a color, simply purchase a refill and keep using your set for years to come! Or, if you plan on using a lot of certain colors, you can purchase larger 2.5 ounce cakes of colors individually that will last a LONG time!

Please check out these links for more in-depth paint information:
Why you should NEVER use craft paint or acrylic paint on skin
How do you know how much paint to order? How many faces will it last through?
How to remove the paint from skin
Is the face paint hypoallergenic?

wolfe synthetic round no 1 brush
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Wolfe no. 4 synthetic brush
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Kryolan torey 1/2" flat brush
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snazaroo petal sponge
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A few things to consider when shopping for brushes:
• Are you doing mainly smaller designs known as "cheek art?" I'd recommend a Wolfe #1 and #4 for you.
• Are you doing larger designs like full-faces or masks? Get the above PLUS a larger flat brush and/or sponges.
• If you plan on using sponges, get a spray bottle to wet it with.
• Never leave your brushes sitting in rinse water. Check out our brush storage and rinsing tools!
• Short handled brushes are easiest for storage & face painting. All of our brushes have short handles.
• Planning on using powdered makeup instead? Foam lollipop blenders are great for just $0.49 each!

Good quality brushes will make all the difference! The last thing you want is to be picking bristles off of the child's painted cheek, or stray bristles painting unwanted lines off to the side as you go! While sable is the highest quality type of bristle, for someone starting out I would recommend synthetic fibers. They hold their shape the best, and are more forgiving under wear and tear. If you're experienced with painting in general though, genuine sable brushes are the highest quality and hold more paint, meaning you'll spend less time loading your brush. They do require more TLC though to keep their shape. Always wash out your brushes well with soap and water after your event and smooth the bristles back into place before drying to give them a very long life.

Classic Carnival Designs - 11" x 17" heavy duty laminated sheet of 34 designs!
Christmas Design Sheet
8.5 x 11", heavily laminated sheet of 28 classic designs!
Of course you will need some designs for the children to choose from that you are comfortable painting. I prefer to use a board or sign that is on display so that everyone in line can see it and have their design chosen when it's their turn. Start by displaying only designs that you are comfortable painting. I have several heavily laminated design sheets available that work great...they are small enough to put in your tote bag of supplies, and sturdy enough to wash off at the end of your event! Never painted before? Then I'd recommend getting my companion book of full-color photos showing you how to paint every design on my Classic design sheets in 6 steps or less!

• Glitter: Not a requirement, but glitter sure does add a lot to a design! ONLY use glitter that is approved for cosmetic use by the FDA. Metallic craft glitters can scratch the cornea and are extremely dangerous!
• Rhinestones & Adhesive: Definitely optional, but if you are doing a fancy princess party, they are a HIT!
• Rainbow Cakes: If you're familiar with one-stroke painting, rainbow cakes can really add that WOW factor in little time!
• Spray Bottle: To keep your paints wet.
• Mirror: To show the kids the finished product. Bring an extra in case it breaks!
• Wet wipes: In case of mistakes and to clean your hands. Makeup remover wipes work especially well!
• Water jar: To rinse your brushes and wet the paint
• Towels, Chairs, Hair Clips, etc...

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