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Awesome Amazon Finds

Twister Tees & Hoodies:
I love these t-shirts and wear them when I twist! They are nice and lightweight too, which I love, because twisting can really work up your body temp!
Visible Balloon Dog:
I have one of these on my shelf...tool cool not to have as a twister!
Balloon Dog Earrings:
On my personal wish list!
Works great for putting things inside balloons, by stretching the nozzle open!
Brush Organizer:
I love how compact this is!
Splatter paint sweatshirt:
On my personal wish list!
Splatter paint headband:
On my personal wish list!
Splatter paint shirt:
On my personal wish list!
Cosmetic Case:
My current kit case! I love it!
Cosmetic Case:
My current kit case! I love it!
I used one of these for a while...really big but nice how it all opens up in a second!
Zuca Case:
A favorite of the pros...on my wish list!
Travel Table:
Looks cool...on my wish list!
Folding Wagon:
On my wish list for bigger gigs when I have a lot to haul!
Tailgate Table:
On my wish list!
Studio Lighting:
On my wish list for photographing my work!
Photo Backdrop:
Would love to get one of these for photographing body & belly paintings!
Tent and Stand:
Looks like a nice alternative to those heavy tent bases. Wonder if it stands up in the wind? I'd maybe secure it to my table or chair too.
Kit Legs:
This looks like a cool solution to adding legs to a guitar case!
Camping Kitchen:
I've heard that some painters love this!
Liquid Bling Case:
I have several of these and love them! Holds the bling upside down so it's always ready to go.
Must have's for shade!
Everyone's favorite festival canopy!
Balloo Arch/Column Kit:
My church purchased one of these kits and we use it often!
Mini LED Lights:
These are great for lighting up balloons! I use them in Rudlof noses.
Tent Sign:
Great for your menu!
Mini Case:
Small and cute for a super mini case, or to hold a couple small split cakes!
Folding Table:
I use one of these at the fair!
Camping Table:
Lightweight and nice & long!
Camping Table:
I use this size!
Cool Table:
This looks like a cool one!
Collapsible cup:
I use this in my mini travel kid for rinse water!
Keep Calm Clock:
On my wish list for my studio!
Let it Gogh:
A witty response to all our Frozen requests!
Punching People:
Maybe a funny shirt when off duty, haha!
Work of Art
I Arted
Makeup Artist
Earth Without Art
Happy Accidents
Gonna Paint
Case legs:
These look pretty sturdy!
Jewelry Organizer:
Great for displaying bling or glitter tattoos!
Mechanic Bench:
I use one of these with my director's chair when my feet need a break!
Monarch Wings:
Cool on the job "uniform!"
Rainbow Squid Hat:
Because we can get away with these things in our line of work!
Rainbow Wings:
Fun work wear!
Button Hat:
Cool hat for a twister or clown!
Long rainbow wig:
Short rainbow wig:
Cool Cooler:
Great way to keep your balloons cool and up within reach!
Sharpie Recoiler:
I keep my Sharpie on this, connected to my balloon apron! Works great!
Crowd Counters:
I often use these to keep track of how many faces i paint!
Tyvek Wristbands:
Cheap and great for ending lines!
Plastic Chain:
Lightweight and great for reigning in lines!
When you really want to look professional and organized!
Space Shoes:
Super cool!
Folding Dolly:
Great for hauling gear!
Cell Phone Case:
I had one of these with my previous phone and got a LOT of complements!
Tattoo Shoes:
Vintage coolness
Ball & Jacks Shoes:
FUN for your feet!
Monarch Shoes:
Pair with wings, above!
Smiley Shoes:
Silhouette Cameo:
Make your own stencils!!!
Time Timer:
I use one of these when i'm on break, and also to signal when the line ends!
Stencil Film:
7 Mil Mylar for making your own stencils!
Where to find my book "Realism for Face & Body Artists" outside the US
United Kingdom
United Kingdom: Illusion Netherlands: Noddies
  Netherlands: Schmink Webshop Colours
  Netherlands: Face Paint Shop
  Netherlands: Magic-Art
Belgium: CreaMieke Australia: Limelight Company
Retailers: Not listed? Please email your store's links to me and I'll add you!
Where to find my book "One Stroke Face Painting" outside the US
United Kingdom
one stroke
United Kingtom: Illusion Netherlands: Schminken Grime
  Netherlands: Schmink Webshop Colours
Netherlands: Noddies
Belgium: CreaMieke Netherlands: J-Shop
Belgium: Face Paint Online Netherlands: Face Paint Shop
    Netherlands: Magic-Art
Italy: Body Color Switzerland: Sparkling Faces Australia: Always Wicked
Italy: NEgozio On-Line Switzerland: Face Make-up Australia: Face Paint For Everybody
Switzerland: CB-Idee Australia: Limelight Company
Hungary: CsillamVilag    
New Zealand
New Zealand: Body FX    
Retailers: Not listed? Please email your store's links to me and I'll add you!
FDA on "Hypoallergenic" - Wondering about the term "hypoallergenic? Read about it at the FDA's website here!
Resources for Face Painters
FPBAA - Face Painting & Body Art Association
Face Paint Forum - A great place for fellow face painters to share tips, ask questions, vent, and inspire each other!
Face-Off - Browse entries in the many competitions held by Snazaroo for inspiration
Face-Painting-Fun - A global face art resource Face & Body Painters Tips & Trix - a useful Facebook page Face Painters Product Review - A Facebook page of product reviews
Illusion Magazine - Very well done magazine of professional body art FACE - The Face Painting Association Brush Strokes Magazine - A digital, online magazine for face & body artists
FABA TV - Some great how-to videos    
Manufacturers Who's Products I Carry
Kryolan - I will no longer be carrying Kryolan so get what I have left while it lasts!

Qualatex - Manufacturer of the balloons and hand pumps available on this site

Darice - Manufacturer of the acrylic rhinestones, paint & glitter storage containers, and aprons on this site
Stampendous - Manufacturer of the ultra fine glitter available on this site
Snazaroo - Manufacturer of some of the brushes, sponges, & accessories I sell on this site
Mehron - Manufacturer of the detailz, rainbow cakes, glitter spray, & pencils I sell on this site
Cameleon Body Paint - makers of Color Blocks split cakes Ruby Red - We currently carry their UV makeup & butterfly brushes iStencils - Makers of many of our fabulous stencils!
TAG - Makers of Base Blenders and One Strokes Jestpaint - We currently carry their TAP stencils! Global Body Art - Makers of some awesome, bright colors & FunStrokes!
Loew-Cornell - Makers of our brushes and brush tubs Wolfe - Makers of the elusive Wolve Black and White!  
Other Entertainers I Highly Recommend
Santa Carlucci - Make your holiday event (Minnesota) unforgettable with a real-bearded Santa, complete with a sleigh and real reindeer!
Rusty the Clown - Professional clown, magician, ice sculptor, and all around fun guy to work with!
BlurBerryBuzz - Amazing henna body art done by Victoria Welch of Rosemount, MN
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GF Design - See my design experience on my freelance website!
Junk Mail Gems - My other business, selling unique gifts hand made out of recycled junk mail!
IDMommy - This is where I blog about life at the intersection of design and motherhood!




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