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wet paint issue 1 Volume 1 Issue 1 • Summer 2017
  What Would a College Degree in Face & Body Art Require?
  Families Who Entertain Together
  Moonlighting with Matteo Arfanotti - About Matteo's "Arfa Bags"
  Jamvention - Total Creative Immersion
  Kid Artist: Micah Vemu
  Poll: "What's the craziest thing you've ever been asked to paint?"
  Step by Steps: Puppy, Zebra, cheek art starfish
Premier Issue!


Vol 1 issue 2 wet paint magazine Volume 1 Issue 2• Fall 2017
  Is Olga Murasev's International Face Painting School Really Worthwhile?
  How to Win at Competitions - by Sabine Vogel
  Kids who Paint
  Moonlighting with Tamina Muhammad
  Kid Artist: Thays Diaz
  Poll: "What's the most unique location you've painted at?"
  Step by Step: Snake, cheek art sugar skull
  Inspiration: Non-Gory Halloween Designs


Wet Paint Magazine vol 1 issue 3 winter 2017 Volume 1 Issue 3• Winter 2017
  Hope after Harvey - Artists Share Their Stories of Pain & Perseverance
  Collaboration Groups: Why and How To Start One
  The Camouflage Art of Frederique Barieux
  Insurance: Is It Worth It? by Diane Spadola
  Kid Artist: Ana Paula
  Poll: "What do you do during your slow season?"
  Step by Step's: Snowflakes, Candycanes, cheek art polar bear
The Camouflage Issue
  Tools & Techniques: Linework with Olga Murasev


spring 2018 wet paint magazine Volume 2 Issue 1• Spring 2018
  Being Joyful When You Don't Feel Like It by Lori Hurley
  Challenge Yourself! Artists Share Their Personal Creative Challenges
  Pro Artist Q&A With Kristin Olsson
  Kid Artist: Puck Janssen
  Poll: "What is one piece of advice you'd like to go back and give yourself?"
  Step by Steps: Floral Design, Calla Lily, Butterfly, cheek art flowers
The Flowers & Butterflies Issue


vol 2 issue 1 wet paint magazine summer 2018 Volume 2 Issue 2• Summer 2018
  Moonlighting with Cat Hill - Super Shoes
  Gretchen Fleener's Painted Jewelry
  The Magical Gypsy Wagon of Teresa Rust
  Pro Artist Q&A with Monika Nyznyk
  Kid Artist: Liliana Nowicka
  Poll: "What did you do before you became a face painter?"
  Step by Steps: Watercolor Cat, cheek art watercolor flowers
The Watercolor Issue


mag 6 Volume 2 Issue 3• Fall 2018
  Sugar Skulls with Shawna Del Real - Tips and Etiquette
  The Blacklight Art of John Poppleton
  Pro Artist Q&A with Nancy Wu
  Elfia Celebrates 10 Years
  Kid Artist: Corey Charlton
  Poll: "Have you ever arrived at a gig & realized you left something vital at home?"
  Step by Step: Unicorn
  Terminology: UV, Blacklight, Fluorescent, Neon, Dayglow...What does it all mean?
The Blacklight Issue


Wet paint vol 2 issue 4 winter 2018 Volume 2 Issue 4• Winter 2018
  Branching Out: The Business of Making & Selling Bling
  Entertainer Safety by Kelly Smith
  The Bling Cluster Boom
  Pro Artist Q&A with Sabine Vogel
  New Zealand Face & Body Art Showcase
  Kid Artist: Chavie Goldberger
  Poll: "What is One Business Lesson You've Learned the Hard Way?
  Step by Steps: Glitter Tat Roses, Glitter Tat Snowmen, Cheek Art Gift
The Bling Issue


wet paint magazine vol 3 issue 1 spring 2019 Volume 3 Issue 1• Spring 2019 - NEW!
  Painting from the Heart by Kelly Smith
  The Value of Supportive Partners
  Portraits & Sentiments in Memory of Jocelyn Casdorph
  Pro Artist Q&A with Denise Cold
  Kid Artist: Gabby Sundlie
  Poll: What do you love about your job?
  Step by Steps: Floral Butterfly, Valentine Tiger
The Valentine Issue   Tools & Techniques: One Stroke Roses with Denise Cold

Volume 3 Issue 2 • Summer 2019
  Upcycled Paint/Henna Kits by Linda Krause-Maldonado
  How to Extend the Life of your Brushes
  DIY Face Painter "Hacks"
  What to Do With Empty Paint Containers
  The 10 Habits of UNprofitable Face Painters by Diane Spadola
  How to make Confetti cakes and where to use them
  Pro Artist Q&A: Svetlana Keller
  Poll: What is your best money saving tip for Face Painters?
  Tools & Techniques: Making Theater Makeup Last by Mehron
  Step by Steps: Dragon eye, Fairy/Rainbow/Butterfly, Rocket Ship, Kawaii Cactus
The Green Issue



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