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Our next upcoming issue in the works is the FALL 2019 issue, Volume 3 issue 3, due out early September! While we are always accepting work of any kind, here are some more specific things that we are looking for to include in this upcoming issue. Please be sure to read all of the submission guidelines below before sending in your work!! Thank you!

  • Fall theme: Boy Designs, Fall & Halloween!
  • Step by step's (fall themes or designs are a plus!)
  • Belly paintings, body paintings & face paintings for our galleries
  • Nominations for our "Kid Artist Spotlight"
  • Poll Question: Watch our Facebook page for question to come!
  • Event Photos (your favorite snapshots from a convention, workshop, etc that you feel best captures the spirit of the event! Please include the event name, date and location.)
  • Artists willing to do our "Pro Artist Q&A" Interview
  • Creative Spaces Series: Show us your unique space where you work your magic!
  • Moonlighting Series: What other creative ventures do you have outside of face & body art?
  • Branching Out Series: What ways have you expanded your business beyond face & body painting specifically?



Have you painted Something awesome lately that you'd like to see in print? Got some great tips, tutorials, or articles that you'd like to share with the world? You're in the right place! We love to share your work. Here are some of the things we're currently looking for:

Step by Step Tutorials
If you are submitting a step by step, make sure that your photos are in focus and taken against a clean, solid background. We're looking for photos of at least 4 steps plus a final design photo. Don't forget to include written instructions of each step!

• Photo submissions to our Gallery
We'd love to see your work! If you haven't already flipped through the pages of Wet Paint Magazine, we tend to focus on the colorful, creative, fun, silly, family-friendly and joyful side of face and body art! We currently have three types of galleries to share your work: body art, face art, and belly art. Preference will go to work that hasn't already been shared on social media and pieces that fit within the theme for that issue if there is one, but it also depends on the space we have, so we'd love to see whatever you've done! Please ensure all photos are in focus, well lit, and high resolution to be considered for print. Don't forget to include all credits, including the artist, photographer and model's names. No watermarks please, but please also submit your website url or Facebook page name so we can give you proper credit! Sent in some work and you haven't seen it published? No worries! We can't fit everything in each issue, and sometimes hold on to submissions that we feel will fit with a particular theme we have coming up. Thank you for your understanding!!

• Articles
Feel free to send us your articles that are relevant to the face and body art community! Articles about painting techniques, product reviews, business, and industry topics are always welcome. Please send article copy directly in the body of your email, including the author's name, country, and website link (if applicable). We reserve the right to edit as needed for content and space. When submitting photos to go along with articles, be sure to credit the photographer, artists, models, etc.

• News & Events
Got an upcoming event date to share or just some news tips? Feel free to email us with those as well! Attended an awesome conference or workshop lately? Send us your best photo that captures the spirit of that event!

Before submitting work to Wet Paint, please ensure that your photos are clear and of a high enough resolution for print, as we will not print blurry or low-resolution images. Please note that by submitting materials to us, you agree that you have full rights to the photos and work being sent, and that you are granting us full permission to print them in our publication. We reserve the right to edit photos and copy as needed to fit within our layouts. Finally, please know that while we try our best to publish what we can, in an effort to maintain a consistent look and/or theme each issue, we may not print everything that is submitted. Likewise, submissions that are not included in the most current issue may still appear in a later issue if they are a better fit. Thank you for your understanding!

Once you have read and agreed to all of the above terms and instructions, please go ahead and email all submissions to: Gretchen [at] Paintertainment [dot] com with "Wet Paint Submission" in the subject line for consideration!

Thank you for helping expand Wet Paint's representation of our awesome industry!

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